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Spider SPICA
164 GTV6 Milano/75 Spider Spider SPICA



Alfa Romeo Spider SPICA

Hose Kits - plenum intake coupler kits, silicone vacuum hose kits, silicone coolant hose kits,  fuel lines

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Hose Kits      
Alfa Romeo Spider SPICA Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit. 1971-1981

     This kit replaces all the vacuum hoses associated with the Spica system and the four hoses for the windshield washer system. All of the red hoses you see in the picture are included with the exception of the radiator overflow hose. That's in the kit listed below.  The kit comes in length with a hose cutter


each kit


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Alfa Romeo Spider Spica air oil separator PLUS kit. 1971-1981

The Alfa Spider has a unique air oil separation system that flows a lot of hot oil back to the oil pan. Because of this we don't want to use silicone for these hoses. This kit uses black high pressure hose specifically made to handle petroleum products. It's covered with a nice braided fabric that looks a lot like factory hose. Clamps are included.  This kit includes hoses for some other systems. It has conventional hoses for the air pump (smog pump) and a black silicone hose for the radiator overflow.  Precut kit with step by step installation instructions. 


each kit

Alfa Spider SPICA Silicone Plenum Intake coupler Kit 1971-1981

4 couplers w/ 8 stainless steel "Protector" silicone clamps

Rated to 100 psi


each kit


ARspiderplenumintakecouplers.jpg (103317 bytes)
Alfa Romeo Spider Spica Fuel Vapor Line Hose Kit --in the trunk 1971-1981

     This kit consists of silicone vapor lines and braided fabric covered 300 psi fuel line. If you smell fuel in the car, odds are it's a leak in the vapor system in the trunk. Replace those hoses right away. We use 300 psi fuel hose here! It's fabric covered so it looks OEM but allows use of high pressure pumps and regulators for highly modified cars.   Precut kit with step by step installation instructions.



each kit


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