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 Silicone Vacuum Hose 

     Our vacuum hose has thick walls that can withstand high pressure, make tight bends without collapsing, and has an airtight fit. When sized correctly our vacuum hoses do not require clamps or zip ties, even when on the pressure side of a forced induction system.  Vacuum hose should have an airtight fit on the nipple it connects.  Never use silicone hose for fuel, oil, or any petroleum base products.  

HoseCompareGOOD.JPG (1647429 bytes)   Hose Comparison -- Our hoses are pictured on the left (blue) our competitors hoses in the same I.D. are pictured on the right (red).  

For a video of our hose holding 50 pounds of boost with no clamps, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdbKRUYPhyE

For a video of an oem and a competitor's hose not holding boost, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQsgVkrlwpc

 HoseColorsGOOD.JPG (1808843 bytes)  Hose Colors --  Red, Green, Yellow, Silver/Gray, Purple, Black, Blue.

International orders must email for a shipping quote.

  Part # Size Range (inches) Size  (mm) Minimum


US & Territories



Price per foot
Vacuum V475 1/8 3 10 ft

Vacuum V486 5/32 4 10 ft

Vacuum V476 1/4 6 10 ft

Vacuum V487 5/16 8 10 ft

Vacuum V477 3/8 10 5 ft

Vacuum V488 15/32 12 2 ft

Vacuum V489 5/8 16 2 ft

Vacuum V490 3/4 19 2 ft

Vacuum V491 1 25.4 2 ft


Note: Hose sizes are listed in inner diameters. We don't list a 1/2" size because the 15/32" (12mm) hose fits this size perfectly. For a really tight fit you can use 10mm hose on a 1/2" fitting. We normally suggest using hose one or two sizes smaller than the fitting to insure a very tight fit. Call if you have any questions about this. Our hose can stretch to fit really large fittings without splitting. For example our 10mm hose can be forced onto a 16mm fitting!

Minimums apply. Orders are shipped 2-5 business days upon receipt of payment.  If you need expedited service please call or email.   We can expedite your order.  Phone orders need to send me their email if they wish to be notified when items are shipped. 

Business Hours are    M-F 10:30am-6:00pm central.  We do work some Saturdays.                                   

Call   Misty 918-224-4646  or 918-760-0668 with any questions.  or email misty@hiperformancestore.com   

International orders must email for a shipping quote.

Shipping in US is USPS Flat Rate Box fee for each 10ft, 5ft, & 2ft length.  USPS Priority Mail.   Call if you have any questions.


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