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     We stock a complete line of silicone couplers. These are ideal for turbocharged or supercharged vehicles requiring couplers that can handle high boost and high temperatures. The picture below shows some of the items we carry.

SiliconeAll.JPG (99891 bytes) 

Our Silicone

     Our reinforced couplers, elbows, and large diameter straight pieces are the highest quality silicone products available. Our silicone is 100% silicone, and the reinforcement is a dense fiberglass matting. The high strength and temperature limits (-65F-600F) come from the dense fiberglass matting.

    We stock all sizes listed in our tables.  We can custom make other sizes as and shapes. Email us for a price quote if you need a size you don't see here.

View Uniform stitching  c300topview.JPG (45164 bytes)     click on thumbnail

 90 Elbows

Silicone90Elbow.JPG (41237 bytes)    et300325black.JPG (46876 bytes)     et300325blue.JPG (47067 bytes)     et300325red.JPG (43234 bytes)     et300325silver.JPG (49941 bytes)     et300325yellow.JPG (44290 bytes)

    Our elbows have a very tight bend radius and are excellent for use in congested spaces. The 90deg section is extra wide enabling them to flow very well.

90 Elbows Transitions (reducers)

Silicone90transition.JPG (70012 bytes)     et300325black.JPG (46876 bytes)     et300325blue.JPG (47067 bytes)     et300325red.JPG (43234 bytes)     et300325silver.JPG (49941 bytes)     et300325yellow.JPG (44290 bytes)

45 Elbows

Silicone45Elbow.JPG (35442 bytes)    45degreeblack.jpg.JPG (698468 bytes)    45degreeBLUE.JPG (291739 bytes)     45degreeRED.JPG (312473 bytes)     45degreesilver.JPG (731298 bytes)     45degreeyellow.jpg.JPG (557251 bytes)

45 Elbow transitions (reducers)

Silicone45transition.JPG (54409 bytes)


SiliconeCoupler.JPG (37429 bytes)     c300black.JPG (37200 bytes)     c300blue.JPG (31858 bytes)    c300red.JPG (37145 bytes)      c300silver.JPG (37608 bytes)     c300yellow.JPG (33570 bytes)

Couplers Transition (reducers)

SiliconeTransition.JPG (39966 bytes)     ct300black.JPG (30028 bytes)     ct300blue.JPG (33634 bytes)     ct300red.JPG (37122 bytes)     ct300silver.JPG (37693 bytes)     ct300yellow.JPG (36879 bytes)


Silicone Hump.JPG (41865 bytes)     HumpBLACK.JPG (244448 bytes)     HumpBLUE.JPG (792729 bytes)     HumpRED.JPG (657870 bytes)     humpsilver.JPG (796124 bytes)     HumpYELLOW.JPG (473984 bytes)

   Use hump hoses for connections that will require some movement. A good example is for connections to an intercooler that's attached to the chassis and not the engine.

Straight Hose by the foot in most sizes.

SiliconeStraight.JPG (47611 bytes)

Silicone Hoses (Hose by the Foot)

HoseColorsGOOD.JPG (1808843 bytes)

     Our vacuum hose has thick walls that can withstand hi pressure, make tight bends without collapsing, and has an airtight fit. When sized correctly our vacuum hoses do not require clamps or zip ties, even when on the pressure side of a forced induction system.  Vacuum hose should have an airtight fit on the nipple it connects.

Use our shopping cart for convenience. 

Hose is shipped 2-5 business days upon receipt of payment.  If you need an expedited shipping service please call or email.  We can expedite your order.  We use USPS priority mail to ship items.  You will receive an Email notification when your kit is shipped.  This applies to all orders paid for with our shopping cart.  Phone orders need to send me their email if they wish to be notified when items are shipped

Business Hours are M-F 10:30am-6:00pm central.  We do work some Saturdays.    
Call  Misty (918) 224-4646 or (918) 760-0668 with any questions.  or email misty@hiperformancestore.com


Refunds will be issued less a 15% restocking fee once item(s) are received.  We do not refund shipping fees. Silicone vacuum hoses and couplers have an 18 month guarantee against failure, but should last the life of your car.  All returns must be made within 30 days, and the item must be in a "New in Box" condition. 

Custom order couplers are not returnable.


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