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     SDS stands for Simple Digital Systems. We think it's the best all around engine managment system you can buy. It's the only aftermarket fuel injection system I know of that's used on aircraft. That says a lot about the system's reliability.

     The SDS system is easy to program. It doesn't require a laptop computer, and it's a very complete system. These systems come with a complete wiring harness so you don't need to reuse old wiring. There are a few options. It can be set up to handle fuel injection, ignition or both. Some versions eliminate the distributor and use coil packs instead.

     We are an SDS dealer and we have everything you could need to set it up on an Alfa Romeo V6, including crank sensor brackets, and both fuel and ignition maps for a variety of engine specifications. We are currently installing SDS on a 4cyl Alfa Spider engine so we expect to have a crank position bracket available for that application soon.

     To learn more about SDS please take a look at their website. It's www.sdsefi.com I think it's a fantastic site with a huge amount of useful information about fuel injeciton, tuning, intercooler fabrication and a lot more. If you decide to use this system please give us a call or email and we can help decide which system is right for you.


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