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Hiperformancestore offers high heat ceramic coatings capable of withstanding over 1300F. These coatings are ideal for exhaust manifolds.

Not only do our ceramic coatings look great, they provide an effective thermal barrier. These coatings help keep the heat in the exhaust system, and out of your engine compartment. We can coat almost any type of exhaust manifold in our shop near Tulsa Oklahoma.

These coatings offer the following advantages over uncoated or painted manifolds:

bulletIncreased horsepower: Keeping the heat in the exhaust manifold helps maintain a high exhaust gas velocity improving flow and in some cases exhaust scavenging. This has been well documented by famous engine builders and authors like David Vizard and Smokey Yunik.
bulletIncreased horsepower 2: Yes, I am listing this reason twice. That's because our coatings improve performance in two ways. We all know keeping your intake air cool helps horsepower and torque. In all cars, even those with a cold air intake a certain amount of engine compartment heat soaks into the intake system and into the air flow. The thermal barrier our coatings provide reduces the heat that gets into the intake system reducing intake air temperatures.
bulletAppearance: Ceramic coated manifolds look great. Choose our Steel Grey coating with it's OEM like appearance.  We will be offering other colors soon.  Our coatings will look great in your engine bay, and they will last.
bulletEmissions: Our coatings will reduce your vehicle's emissions by helping the catalytic converter reach its operating temperature more quickly, and stay there.
bulletReliability: The life of many underhood components is often cut short by exposure to heat. Our coatings will reduce your underhood temperatures by up to 20F. Obviously our coatings also protect the exhaust manifolds from corrosion.

Pictured below is our "Steel Grey" coating. We coat these manifolds inside and to form an outstanding thermal barrier.

alfa spider Ceramic manifold 1.JPG (276316 bytes) alfa spider Ceramic manifold 2.JPG (257016 bytes)


    Email for quote!   Prices for typical exhaust manifolds are as follows: 4 cylinder (one piece),   4 cylinder (two piece manifolds) , 6 Cylinder and 8 Cylinders. Prices for full length headers are typically about 25% higher. It's impossible to have a complete list of pricing options due to the tremendous variation in exhaust manifold designs.

Extra prep work:  Bead blasting:  $50.00. As an example, a manifold that has been on a non running car for years, stored outside, covered in a 1/4 inch of grease, or sometimes just really old will usually take quite of bit of extra work to remove the rust, dirt and grime

Ship to:

Hi Performance Store, Inc., 10763 Sahoma Lake Road,   Sapulpa, OK 74066    918-760-0668  misty@hiperformancestore.com   include your name, address, email and a phone numbers with the manifolds.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

bulletDo you coat manifolds inside and out? Yes, absolutely, that results in a more effective thermal barrier, and protects the manifold from internal corrosion and heat.
bulletWhat color choices are available? We offer "Steel Grey" for an OEM look.  We will have other colors available shortly.  All three colors are equally effective.
bulletWhy don't you have red, blue, orange etc. Often the changes needed to make these flashy colors result in a less effective thermal barrier, and sometimes lower temperature resistance. With ceramic coatings it's best to put function first, appearance second.
bulletHow Much horsepower will I gain? It's the combinations of advantages that make ceramic coating worthwhile. Power, emissions, appearance, and reliability. Typical power gains are around 2%, more on high powered turbocharged or supercharged engines. That may not sound like a lot, but it's often enough to win the race!
bulletCan you ceramic coat any exhaust manifold or header? No. At this time we can't do Zoomies, or one piece full length headers. If your part is an unusual size or shape please call first to discuss dimensions.
bulletCan you coat other engine parts? Yes we can! pricing depends on the size of the item. 
bulletWhat types of Metal can you ceramic coat. We can coat any type of aluminum, steel, or cast iron. We can NOT coat Magnesium, so don't send your Alfa Romeo GTV6 bellhousing adapter!
bulletCan I have my entire exhaust system ceramic coated? I suppose you could, but the farther back you go, the less the benefit. As a general rule, if it's in the engine compartment it's worth ceramic coating.
bulletWhat about combining ceramic coating with exhaust wraps or sleeves to keep the heat in? Exhaust wraps and ceramic coating work very well together! Combined, these two items reduce underhood heat even more. The only real drawbacks to combining these two things are cost and appearance. The wrap tends to get dirty, and it's not something you can just wipe off. It also sheds microfibers that cause your skin to itch if you tough it.
bulletWhy not use exhaust wrap by itself? I generally don't recommend exhaust wrap by itself because it traps moisture and speeds up rust and corrosion. It also causes the manifold or header itself to run hotter, sometimes resulting in cracking or other failures. For these reasons exhaust wrap voids the warranty on almost every header on the market.
bulletDo I need to do any special preparation before I send or bring you my manifold for coating? You can bead blast it or you can pay us to bead blast it.  We cannot ceramic coat it unless all dirt, rust, oil, and grime is completely removed from the manifold in prepartion for the ceramic coating.


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