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Dodge Silicone Vacuum Hose Kits

Dodge 318, 340, 360, all years (Challenger, Charger, Demon) Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit

     This kit replaces all the under hood vacuum lines as well as a couple coolant lines, the line from the windshield washer pump, and the vacuum line to the heating and A/C controller. Not only are the vacuum lines on an older Mopar V8 critical for proper running, a leak can prevent the vacuum powered heating and A/C control unit from functioning.

    The kit is based on a 1974 318. That year seems to have the most vacuum line due to all the efforts being made to control emissions without going to Catalytic Converters. It should have enough hose to take care of any small block Mopar.


each kit


MoparHose1.jpg (89083 bytes)

MoparHose2.jpg (62524 bytes)

MoparHose3.jpg (62648 bytes)

Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit 1991-96 (This kit also fits the non turbo cars)

This kit replaces all vacuum lines associated with the fuel injection.  It comes in length with a hose cutter and installation instructions.

$105 each kit



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